Sunday, July 21, 2013

summer bucket list '13: the zoo

we can finally cross an item off of our bucket list this summer.
{sure, summer is almost half over, but technically we have until september 21, right?}

last week we hit up the national zoo in DC.
what a great trip!
we went with one of my best friends, her 2 kids, niece & nephew & a family friend of theirs.
she was a brave woman in my book to venture out in the city with 5 kids in the 90+ degree weather, taking the zoo by storm!

yeah, 90+degree weather, you read it right.
it was melt-your-face-off hot.
surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. 
between the shade, the indoor enclosures & misters, we survived & had a very enjoyable time.

i highly recommend checking out the zoo.
best part? it's free.
and in eli's opinion, definitely worth the "choo choo" ride to get there!

what's your favorite part of the zoo?

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  1. We've never been to that zoo! We'll have to check it out :) Kellyn's favorite part of the zoo is the snakes! hah!


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