Wednesday, June 19, 2013

our summer bucket list

"summa, summa, summa time,
time to sit back and unwind"

anyone else recognize this as the official call to summer?

to be honest, i have not heard this song in a super long time, but it seemed like as soon as we heard this song playing over the radio waves, it was like summer could officially begin.  
then up until 2 years ago, it was that magical day known as the last day of school.
one of the most glorious days of all time. 
these days it's more like, it's hot and attendance is down at church.....must be summer!

this year we won't get to do a summer vacation & so i thought it would be fun to do a summer bucket list in order to give us some fun things to do & experience as a family. 

recently mike & i came up with our list while on a mini-date.

we were really happy with our list & are looking forward to crossing things off!

what would be/is on your summer bucket list??

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  1. We want to go camping and swim at the Codorus Pool. Let us know when you go to the aquarium..we got a membership and would love to hang out :)


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